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Book your turn in the sauna in the upper courtyard of Hotel Merikruunu

From €45.00 / 55 min
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Hotel Merikruunu info@hotelmerikruunu.fi 0503805672 Company id: 1106504-5 Merchant terms

The eight-bed sauna, located in the hotel's upper courtyard, will be built at the end of 2022 and will not be opened until February 2023. The sauna can easily accommodate eight sauna stoves and, in addition to the sauna, a hot tub can be rented.

There is a toilet in the bathroom and a good-sized terrace outside for relaxing between baths.

If your party consists of adults, you can order alcoholic sauna drinks for the sauna from Hotel Merikruunu's Pub Underbar, where the staff will deliver them to you.

Any drink orders can be made by calling 0503805672.